A fence is a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. Lightness of fencing is different from a wall and is not always used to block vision. Fencing in general is a tedious task, in addition general fence repair, gate repair, fence post replacement, or picket replacement require innate attention to detail.

Throughout history fences marked boundaries, designated property ownership and serves as a physical reminder of trespassing laws. Today, fencing adds decoration to property, provides safety to those wishing to be fenced in, or have others fenced out!

New construction often includes fencing and then owners face challenges of fence repair, gate repair, fence post replacement or picket replacement. Luckily, fencing, fence repair, gate repair, fence post replacement, or picket replacement, all follow these general steps:

• Check local laws, required permits and height/ type of fencing restrictions. Following the rules avoids fence repair projects from becoming neighborhood arguments! Also consider area size, climate and location when determining fencing type to use.

• Measure and cut all materials precisely to make sure they will align flush. Begin fence repairs at corners, building supports and braces to support the fence weight.

• Remove damaged section of fence for replacement. Also remove attached sections for picket replacement, fence post replacement or gate repair. Use a pry, handsaw or any method, being careful not to compromise the remaining fencing quality.

• Replace all fencing removed with new fencing, nails and nail holes. Use pressure treated fence posts to extend the life of fencing, fence post replacement, picket replacement, gate repair and general fence repair.

• Wash and sand fencing before painting or staining. Use cleanser that does not damage surrounding bushes or items. Metal and vinyl fencing can be cleaned to match new fencing closely.

• Try to use the same materials as original fencing (metal, wood, stain or paint) for a near seamless fence repair, picket replacement, gate repair and fence post replacement.

• Check to make sure that posts are straight for gate repairs, fence post replacement and picket replacement. If one is crooked each one will be a little more off and will be a nightmare to repair!

• Gate repairs are like fence post replacements. Dig and fill larger holes with concrete or dirt for extra support in moving gate repairs. Also be sure to keep posts 3 feet apart for easy passage with a variety of items in the future!

A great looking fence is not always a safe one. With the amount of money spent on materials alone, hiring professionals may save you money in the long run. Handyworx builds quality fencing, extending fencing life and limiting future fence repairs. Handyworx also tackles fence post replacement, gate repair, picket replacement and general fence repair.

Attention to detail is the biggest job in fencing, fence repair, gate repair, picket replacement or fence post replacement. Ignoring details means more time fixing, and less time for tackling another weekend project!

Fencing Services

• Barbed Wire Fence Install (per lf)

• Barbed Wire Fence Removal (per lf)

• Barbed Wire Fence Replace (per lf)

• Cedar, privacy 6′

• Cedar, privacy remove

• Chain link fence repair

• Fence B&B 2 Side Install (per lf)

• Fence B&B 2 Side Paint (per lf)

• Fence B&B 2 Side Removal (per lf)

• Fence B&B 2 side Replace (per lf)

• Fence B&B 2 Side Seal (per lf)

• Fence Chain link Install (per lf)

• Fence Chain link Removal (per lf)

• Fence Chain link Replace (per lf)

• Fence Gate Install (ea)

• Fence Gate Removal (ea)

• Fence Gate Replace (ea)

• Fence Posts in Concrete Install (ea)

• Fence Posts in Concrete Removal (ea)

• Fence Posts in Concrete Replace (ea)

• Fence Posts in Dirt Install (ea)

• Fence Posts in Dirt Removal (ea)

• Fence Posts in Dirt Replace (ea)

• Gate install new

• Gate Repair

• Picket Fence Install (per lf)

• Picket Fence Paint/Stain (per lf)

• Picket Fence Removal (per lf)

• Picket Fence Replace (per lf)

• Post removed/replaced 4×4

• Split Rail Fence Install (per lf)

• Split Rail Fence Paint/Stain (per lf)

• Split Rail Fence Removal (per lf)

• Split Rail Fence Replace (per lf)

• Stockade Fence Install (per lf)

• Stockade Fence Removal (per lf)

• Stockade Fence Replace (per lf)

• Stretch Fence (per lf)

• Vinyl Fence Install (per lf)

• Vinyl Fence Removal (per lf)

• Vinyl Fence Replace (per lf)

• Wire Fence Install (per lf)

• Wire Fence Removal (per lf)

• Wire Fence Replace (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Fence Install (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Fence Removal (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Fence Replace (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Railing Install (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Railing Paint (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Railing Remove (per lf)

• Wrought Iron Railing Replace (per lf)