Bathroom projects usually involve installing a bath tub, shower stall or toilet. Adding a vanity or medicine cabinet to the room or laying new tile are also common tasks. The amount of moisture and water in the bathroom guarantees that caulking will be used in almost any bathroom job.P1010160

The basic bathroom contains a sink and toilet. A full bathroom includes a bath tub or shower. Bathrooms in modern homes are usually spa-like with soft towels and patterned tile on the floor and in the shower stalls. Some bathrooms include steam showers and other luxurious touches used to create a sanctuary feel. Of course, mildew and leaks will instantly turn even the best mood-lit bathroom into a must-do remodel.

Caulking is used as glue and a sealant. Tile should have corners caulked to prevent water from seeping across the floor and causing mildew and further damage. Water will find a way through any leaky caulking and create a disaster zone. Used properly, caulking around the bath tub, toilet and shower stall will keep water from leaking under the floor. In all caulking projects, the old caulk should be completely removed and new caulking should be applied. Other improvements to the bathroom may include recessed cabinets, counter tops and shower doors. Be aware of any wall adjustments that may need to occur prior to installing a medicine cabinet or vanity. Moving walls even just a little can be damaging to the home. In addition, keep in mind that shower door repairs can be frustrating and perhaps replacing the entire door is the best option.

A bathroom is typically a very damp room. Dampness and water leakage lead to a variety of problems that are not always visible to the untrained eye. Handyman Matters can assess the problems and the extent to which they must be fixed. Handyman Matters will handle any repairs and installations properly to prevent future damage and provide a safe environment.

From small repair projects to complete bathroom renovations, bathroom jobs are often underestimated by homeowners and a quick fix is never the answer.

Bathroom Services

• Bath tub, walls, or both remove and replace.

• Caulk & seal around tub

• Caulking

• Caulking sink (kitchen or bath)

• Cement Board Wall Install

• Cement Board Wall Remove

• Cement Board Wall Replace

• Ceramic base molding

• Ceramic Tile Wall Clean/Seal (per sf)

• Ceramic Tile Walls Install

• Ceramic Tile Walls Remove

• Ceramic Tile Walls Replace

• Countertop tile install

• Countertop tiled

• Faucet in sink replaced

• Granite/Marble Wall Tile Install

• Granite/Marble Wall Tile Removal

• Granite/Marble Wall Tile Replace

• Granite/Marble Wall Tile Seal (per sf)

• Greenboard Walls Install

• Greenboard walls Removal

• Greenboard Walls Replace

• Grout tile shower

• Hand Dryer, Electric Replace

• Handicap Grab-Bar Replace

• Medicine cabinet installed – new

• Medicine cabinet removed – wall patched

• Pedestal sink installed

• Shower door install new

• Shower Door Repair

• Shower or tub faucet replaced

• Shower pan install new / replace

• Shower removed / replaced

• Shower rod installed

• Sink installed

• Soap dish installed

• Soap dispenser install

• Soap Dispenser Replace

• Tap in shower/tub replaced

• Tile repair

• Toilet guts replaced

• Toilet paper dispenser installed

• Toilet Partition Repair

• Toilet replaced

• Toilet seat installed

• Towel bar

• Towel or grab bars installed

• Tub Drain Replace

• Tub enclosure removed/replaced (shower)

• Vanity install new

• Vanity installed

• Wall tile installed

• Wax ring replaced